Does TDM Signage require a permanent internet connection

TDM Signage requires an internet connection to function correctly and receive new content. If the internet connection is dropped, two different things can happen depending on the type of player you use.
1. If the internet connection drops and you use the HTML 5 player, then the presentation will stay put on the last slide shown. As soon as the internet connection is up again it will resume the presentation.
2. If the internet connection drops while using the PC player then it will keep playing. New content won't be shown untill the connection is restored.
TDM Signage does need a valid internet connection on start up. If however you need to use a player on a location without a valid internet connection, then you can purchase the "Offline Module".
The Offline Module offers the possibility to start the PC player without a valid internet connect. If you want to show new content then the player will temporary require a connection to download the new data.

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